Proofreading & Copy Editing

I’m a qualified proofreader and copy editor. I can spot a typo at ten paces. I’m available to help fellow writers produce polished, professionally prepared manuscripts for either self-publication or submission to traditional publishers. I offer my services at an affordable rate, and I am extremely thorough.

I can help you identify and correct typos, spelling errors, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, awkward phrasing, and formatting inconsistencies. For more examples of the kinds of things I obsessively pick up on, see my posts tagged ‘pedantry’.

My credentials include:

  • A professional diploma in proofreading and copy editing
  • Many years of critique experience among writers’ workshops
  • Publishing credits in various online and print publications (see ‘Stories’ page for more details)
  • Proficiency in both British and US English

I also proofread stories for PodCastle.

For first time clients, I offer to proofread the first five pages of your manuscript (12-pt font, double-spaced, standard manuscript format) for free, as a no-obligation sample of my services.

My charges start from around 35 pence per 300-word page (British Pounds Sterling), depending on the author’s requirements, and I will provide a full quote based on a sample excerpt from your manuscript. I am happy to take on clients from anywhere in the world as long as your manuscript is in English.

Interested in having a shiny, polished manuscript? Need that extra eye? Have further questions? Email me at: proofyourwork [at] rocketmail [dot] com





3 thoughts on “Proofreading & Copy Editing

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  2. Testimonial for anyone considering: I’ve had Eleanor look at my work and she picks up on everything. Even when I’ve already had dozens of people read my work, she finds all sorts of things no one else catches. Typos, grammatical errors, poor wording–fear Eleanor! You are vermin, and she is an eagle come to hunt you down! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a better proofreader. Please forgive any typos here, I didn’t have Eleanor proof this.

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