News of Dogs, of Castles, of Dragons

Well, I’ve made no improvements when it comes to updating this blog in a timely fashion, have I? I think it’s safe to consider my blogging sporadic at this point… :\ But I’m back with a couple of exciting bits of news to share!

My story, ‘A List of Historical Places Frequented by a Boy and His Dog’, is out in the current issue of Zooscape. It’s my shortest published story to date and it’s been making lots of people cry. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you…) I’m really proud of this tiny little story, and I’m happy it’s been getting some love.

And this artwork… *melts*

In publishing news of a very different stripe, I’m honoured and delighted to say that I’m the new Co-Editor of PodCastle! The news was announced on the site last week, and I’m excited to be sharing the role with Shingai Njeri Kagunda. We’re so looking forward to working together to keep the Castle flying straight and level, finding and championing new stories and striving to maintain the excellence established by the outgoing editors, Jen R. Albert and Cherae Clark. I’ve been an associate editor at PodCastle for four and a half years, slush reading and copyediting, so although this is a large step up, I already feel very at home in its dragon-guarded walls. PodCastle is the 2020 winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Audio, and we’re nominated for the Hugo, Ignyte, and Aurora awards this year, so it’s a tremendous time to be taking the helm.

You can listen to Jen’s farewell episode here, posted last week, and Cherae’s here, posted today. We’re going to miss them both hugely, but they’re embarking on exciting new adventures of their own, and I wish them nothing but joy and success.

And so we fly…