Candy Comfort

My flash story, ‘Candy Comfort’, is now out at Daily Science Fiction!

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Space pirates are always cool, right? Plus I got to put liquorice into a story for the first time ever. I eat enough of it while I’m writing… I’ve just never had an excuse to write about it. It only gets a brief cameo in this story, but still. Liquorice!

I like to think Dutch double salt liquorice will still be proudly manufactured in space-faring societies of the future. In fact, if there’s a future without salt liquorice, I don’t want to know. Not to mention all the other wondrous varieties.

There’s a dystopia all on its own, right there. A world without this:

Image result for salt liquorice
Photo by Denni Schnapp, Flickr


Anyway. Now I want liquorice and I don’t have any, so I will stop talking about it and direct you once more to my story of piracy, sweet consumption, social inequality, risky parenting, tragedy, and hope.

I recommend having some sweets on hand while you read.



4 thoughts on “Candy Comfort

  1. Lovely story. Deft progression, forseeable twist, caring about the main character.

    It was hard to find you online, and I had a devil of a time following your blog despite also having a wordpress blog of my own. I just thought you should know that I found your story inspiring enough to want more, tried to track you down, and spent the time I would have liked to have spent reading more of your work simply trying to find you. Perhaps a more prominent listing of how to follow you? Maybe an email address? After finding the blog I did find the list of other stories.

    Again, wonderful story.

    1. Hi Chris – thank you for your comments. I’m delighted you enjoyed the story.

      I’m sorry to hear you had difficulty getting here. I always include a link to my blog in my author bio, and this story was no exception… but some publishers do make bios more prominent than others.

      Anyway, I’m glad you found me in the end. 🙂 Thanks for showing an interest in my work – it’s much appreciated.

      1. Hi Eleanor,

        I think the problem was that I googled your name instead and you’ve got a number of interviews and other blog discussions before I got to panoply. Several of them mentioned stories that I then tried to find directly and failed before I got to your site. Oh, and I also tried to google panoply directly which didn’t find you, and I tried to facebook you and got other Eleanor Woods. Pretty much every wrong way to find you. Maybe it’s time for an author page on Amazon tied into the anthologies? It would bring you up to the top of a google search of you? Hopefully most people won’t make my error.

        Congrats again, Chris.

      2. Hi Chris,

        I do have an Amazon author page, so I’m a bit surprised to hear it’s not coming up near the top of a Google search. I’ll look into that. Thanks for the heads up!

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