Plasma Frequency Comeback Drive!

I’ve blogged about Plasma Frequency Magazine before. They were one of my first published venues, and ‘Rift’, the story that appeared in their 7th issue, was the first piece of flash I ever wrote. To this day, theirs remains one of the best publishing experiences I’ve had, from submission right the way through to publication. They’ve published some terrific stories and provided an excellent potential market for us writers. I was dismayed by their news over the summer that they’d been decimated by online banking fraud and lost all their funds. As a result, they had to close the magazine with no guarantee they’d be able to return.

But… they’ve recently launched a Kickstarter to do just that! They’re planning to bring back all the great stuff they published before, as well as a brand new Rookie Author feature, as described here:

‘Being a new author is tough. One of the toughest challenges is finding a home for your work. Plasma Frequency wants to help new authors out by ensuring that at least one story in each issue is by a new author. This is great for writers because it helps them out. But it is even better for readers because it gives them a fresh voice they might have missed out on otherwise.

This Rookie Author Feature is ground breaking in the industry. To our knowledge few other paying publication offers a specific slot for new talent. Plasma Frequency is known for testing the boundaries of “normal” and “traditional”, so this feature will be just another way we shake things up.’

Very cool.

As I write this, they’re already 64% of the way there, and they’re offering some really nice perks to backers. If you’ve ever read an issue of the magazine, submitted them a story, been published with them, or just want to support more great speculative fiction, please check out the Kickstarter page and consider throwing them some dosh.

They’ve been through the wringer. Against the odds, they’ve come back fighting. I’d be over the moon to see them return.


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