The Definitive Future of the Micah Grey Series

This is SUCH GREAT NEWS. I’m delighted for Laura. These books are amazing… now even more people will get to read them. Woo-hoo!

Laura Lam

Micah Grey has had an interesting journey over the past few years. I first dreamt up Micah in 2007 and started a book with the character 10 years older in 2008. At the end of 2009, I was having trouble with it, so I decided to write a “short story” of Micah as a teen joining the circus. That expanded into novella length and then I finally admitted it was a novel. I submitted an early draft of it in March 2011 to Angry Robot’s Open Door month. In November of that year, I had a revision request because it definitely needed work, and I gutted and rearranged it and it found a publisher in Strange Chemistry, Angry Robot’s new YA imprint. PANTOMIME was released in February 2013, and the sequel, SHADOWPLAY, in 2014. Sadly, in June 2014, Strange Chemistry closed. I wasn’t sure initially what the next step for Micah was going to…

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Another in the Pipeline

I recently sold a paranormal sci-fi story, ‘Pawprints in the Aeolian Dust’, to Sci Phi Journal. I’m really happy this one’s found a home, as it’s especially close to my heart. All stories are personal, but sometimes one comes along and carves itself from your very soul…

Sci Phi Journal are a pretty unique publication. With their clever blend of science fiction and real philosophy, they’re an intentionally thought-provoking read, and have published some terrific stories to date. Every story raises specific questions, and while this is true of much science fiction, it’s rare to see these questions tackled directly. Sci Phi are a fairly new magazine, and I think they’ve found a niche that serves them and their readers well.

I’m really looking forward to being a part of it!