Milestones of 2014

It’s a little late for a year roundup, but it’s still January, right? So I’m going to squeeze in a last-minute summary of my writing year.

It was a good one, no doubt about it. I didn’t actually write quite as much as in 2013, but I submitted everything everywhere many times over and sold three more stories, including my first audio publication and first professional sale. All three of them, plus one from the previous year, were published, and I also had a story from 2013 voted into an annual anthology. I’m counting that as five successes.

I discovered some great new markets last year and made several new writing buddies. A good writing network is so important, for support as well as sharing and promoting. I finished up the year with a draft of a new story I’m pretty hopeful about, so that was a positive note on which to end 2014 as well as begin 2015.

I feel like I hit some important milestones last year, and to top it all off, I made the list of eligible authors for the Campbell Award. Anyone with a Worldcon membership for 2014, 2015, or 2016 is able to nominate someone from the list. There are some wonderful writers on there, and it feels great to be included.

So bring it on, 2015. We have plots to write, worlds to create, characters to transform! And I feel like this year, I’m starting from that much higher up the ladder. Woo!

New Reading Material; New Submission Venue (oooh…)

I’ve recently discovered a new story market with a great angle: Sci Phi Journal. In their own words, they’re ‘… an online science fiction and philosophy magazine. In each issue you will find stories that explore questions of life, the universe and everything and articles that delve into the deep philosophical waters of science fiction universes.’

I love sci fi. (May have mentioned that.) I also love philosophy. While there’s a lot of room for philosophy in science fiction, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a publication that focuses on that connection specifically. This magazine looks set to be a great read and an excellent potential venue for submissions. The Amazon reviews of their first issue are outstanding.

I’ve just submitted something to them, and must go and download their current issue. New magazines frequently enter the publishing sphere, but it’s rare to come across one with such an interesting premise.