The Arrival of The Scented Man

Story news seems to be unstoppable at the moment! I’m enjoying the bounty while it lasts, well aware that there could be a drought around the corner at any time. But it feels great right now, like I’m finally rising from the trenches. Having a story published never loses its excitement. *grin*

I’m therefore delighted to report that my post-apocalyptic science fiction sensory delight, ‘The Scented Man’, is now out at Stupefying Stories: Showcase. It’s been a while since I sold this one, so it’s great to see it finally out there, free for all to read online. Stupefying Stories have done a lovely job with the layout and illustration. The image they’ve designed for it is stunning:

I could gaze at that all day.

So, go… let some perfume into your life. Enjoy ‘The Scented Man’!


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