It’s (A)Live!

My sci-fi story, ‘Daddy’s Girl’, is now out in the Robots, Androids & Cyborgs issue of Crossed Genres! This is my very first pro publication and I’m delighted to finally share it. They’re also featuring me as their Spotlight Interview for the issue. It’s the first time a publication’s asked me direct questions about my writing, so it was an exciting opportunity.

The entire issue is free to read online, or you can subscribe to print or e-copies if you like what you see! Crossed Genres have been great to work with, and I’m so pleased to have found such a great home for this story. This one’s pretty close to my heart.

Hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “It’s (A)Live!

  1. Rick Snyder

    Well done, Eleanor. Enjoyed the story and the interview.
    From the interview I took: When I was very young . . . and now so many stories to write. And I could not agree more. It’s picking out your favorites, in my case, the ones I’d like to pick up and read, hoping I get them right, as you have done with Prometheus and Daddy’s Girl. I still struggle to punctuate a short paragraph properly although I’m getting better. I think about you when I’m hunting down run on sentences . . .

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