Plasma Frequency – Rift & Fundraising

It’s official… ‘Rift’, my flash story that appeared in Plasma Frequency last year, has been voted into their Year 2 Anthology. Little Rift is going out into the world all over again! I’m delighted it’ll get another chance to be read far and wide, and it’ll be sharing space with a whole bunch of terrific stories from Plasma Frequency‘s second year of publication. It’s due out next month, so watch this space.

As it happens, there’s other Plasma Frequency news afoot. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay their authors pro rates of 6¢ per word. That’s a big jump from their current rate of 1¢, and they need your help to make it happen. They’re hoping to raise over $15,000 by mid-November, which will allow them to claim much-deserved pro magazine status and pay their writers accordingly.

I’ve said it before, but I’ve been very impressed by Plasma Frequency‘s professionalism and support of their writers. They meet their deadlines, they communicate throughout the submissions process, and they don’t leave you hanging on tenterhooks. In that respect, they’re a pro magazine already (in fact, there are one or two pro publications that could learn a thing or two from them), and I’d love to see them reach their goal and attract even more stories and ever wider readership.

So… throw them some coins! They’re offering some great rewards for backers, from magazine subscriptions to story feedback to dinner with the editor. It’s all here.

I hope they make it. If they achieve this goal, it’ll be great news for writers, great news for readers, and great news for an excellent FSF magazine.

It’s (A)Live!

My sci-fi story, ‘Daddy’s Girl’, is now out in the Robots, Androids & Cyborgs issue of Crossed Genres! This is my very first pro publication and I’m delighted to finally share it. They’re also featuring me as their Spotlight Interview for the issue. It’s the first time a publication’s asked me direct questions about my writing, so it was an exciting opportunity.

The entire issue is free to read online, or you can subscribe to print or e-copies if you like what you see! Crossed Genres have been great to work with, and I’m so pleased to have found such a great home for this story. This one’s pretty close to my heart.

Hope you enjoy it.