‘Remember Prometheus’ – Out Now!

Artwork courtesy of Milan Jaram

July is here! That means my much-anticipated (by me, at least) story, ‘Remember Prometheus’, is now out in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine. Look!

It’s a tale from a future where death is kept at bay through cryopreservation… but perhaps the prospect of immortality has its drawbacks after all. Or, as the magazine’s editor aptly puts it: ‘[it’s] about what we would do were we to find our convictions tested in unexpected ways.’

You can purchase e-copies through the website, and there’s a free taster story online to give you a feel for what’s inside. This is only Bastion’s fourth issue, but despite being a fledgling magazine, they’re already getting great reviews and forming a solid fanbase. I sincerely hope they continue to thrive. Their high standards, professionalism, and beautiful presentation make them stand out from the crowd and I’d love to think they have a long and fruitful future ahead. Please help them out by purchasing a copy or subscription if you can.

Most of all, though – enjoy the stories!


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