Mutual Success Part 2

It’s always fantastic when you sell a story. But selling one that’s been doing the submission rounds for years adds a whole extra level of glee. I’ve just sold one such piece… one of my early sci-fi stories, ‘Remember Prometheus’. This particular story has undergone countless rewrites and revisions since its first conception. The finished piece bears very little resemblance to the first draft. There was a definite metamorphosis to this story, during which I learned tons about my own craft and style. Pretty much all the sci-fi I’ve written since has something to thank ‘Prometheus’ for. It was one of those distinctly challenging yet immensely satisfying stories, and when it finally found a home after a truckload of rejections, I was over the moon.

That home is the wonderful Bastion Magazine, which will be publishing it in July. Can’t wait to share!

And while we’re anticipating that, go and grab an e-copy of this month’s Aurealis, which features a superb story by the marvellous Emma Osborne. She not only writes kick-arse poetry, she also pens beautiful, complex stories. Look what Tangent has to say in their Aurealis review.

Celebrating story success makes all the rejection worthwhile. Mutual celebrations with a writing buddy? Stupendous. *grin*


8 thoughts on “Mutual Success Part 2

  1. Rick

    Congratulations, Eleanor! I read through Prometheus over a year ago and thought it was quite good then. Look forward to reading it as it stands now.

  2. Speaking of mutual successes, I’m looking for two authors interested in the “My Writing Blog Hop” meme. I thought I’d tag you and Emma, if you’re interested. My post goes up on the 30th, then you’re post would be the following Monday. If you’d like to do it, I can send you the instructions. It’s not difficult.

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