Mutual Success

My very first piece of published fiction was my psychological horror story, ‘Rule of Five’, which appeared in Bete Noire in May 2012. Oddly enough, horror isn’t normally my genre of choice. I’m too much of a wimp. I read the occasional short horror story, write even fewer of them, and hardly ever watch horror movies. I do enjoy fiction with a dark edge, but full-on horror rarely appeals. My imagination is just too damned active to allow me to enjoy jolts of harmless fear.

So, naturally, my first fiction success finds its home with a horror market. (Maybe I should write more horror…)

Anyway, this story is not only my first fiction sale, it’s now officially my first fiction resale! On top of that, it’ll also be my first audio publication, as I’ve recently sold it again to Pseudopod, the wonderfully twisted podcast magazine. This story’s previous publication is only available in print format, so I’m really looking forward to sharing the audio version when it comes out. Watch this space.

In other gleeful publishing news, my friend Emma Osborne (the Superpoet) has a sci-fi poem featured in the current issue of Apex Magazine. It’s stupendous and beautiful and deserves a shout out, so go and read it for free here: Crashdown.

I’m in awe. I can’t write decent poetry to save my life.

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