I recently finished Shadowplay, by Laura Lam. It’s the sequel to the fabulous Pantomime, and picks up where that book leaves off. Micah Grey is still trying to leave his past and his family behind him, but now the law is after him too. Having left the circus behind, he and the clown, Drystan, take refuge in an old friend of Drystan’s, a disgraced former magician named Jasper Maske. Where the circus was the backdrop for Pantomime, stage magic is the same for Shadowplay. The book is filled with fantastic magic tricks and spilled stage secrets as Micah and Drystan learn the art of magic in order to help Maske regain his former glory.

But Micah’s past is still trying to reclaim him, and he’s facing even greater questions about who he is. An extinct civilisation is reaching across history to seek his unusual talents, and while he can hide in plain sight from his own past, he can’t seem to escape someone else’s…

This book dances along at a great pace, twisting and turning all the way. There’s arch rivalry and dark pasts, secret technology and forgotten history. There’s danger. There’s romance. There’s fabulous magical entertainment. It’s a book filled with colourful intrigue and complex characters. Yet at its heart, Micah Grey’s story is that of a teenager trying to figure out his place in the world. I think that’s what makes him so relatable.

I really enjoyed Pantomime. I loved Shadowplay even more. Laura Lam ramps up the pressure and holds nothing back this time. She answers questions, and asks a whole bunch more in their wake. I’m totally hooked on these characters now, and eagerly anticipating wherever she takes them next.

Find it here: Amazon


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