4 thoughts on “Snap

  1. Ooh, that is a little odd. And kind of makes me wonder whether there are actually many authors called John Smith out there, or whether they all just assume they’ll need a pen-name to begin with…

    It reminds me how, in the early days of the internet, my name used to be reasonably obscure – searching for it would turn up me (eventually) plus a lot of US pioneer history (since both my forename and surname are the archaic variant of spelling). But now there are several of us. Sigh.

    1. It did get me wondering how many writers share a name. Or artists… or musicians. With professions where you’re literally trying to make a name for yourself, that name becomes your brand. If you started up a business and found a remarkably similar business with the same name, you’d have to change it, as the name is all-important. But when it’s your actual, given name, you don’t really think twice about using it. Unless, yeah, your name’s John Smith. You’d curse your parents for their lack of imagination, wouldn’t you?

      And indeed, the internet soon reveals our uniqueness is merely an illusion…

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