Story News and Fund Drives

My latest story, ‘Rift’, is now out in the current issue of Plasma Frequency!

Cover art: © Laura Givens

‘Rift’ was the first piece of flash I ever attempted, so I was delighted when it found a home. Guess it proved I can be concise when I need to be… although you’d sometimes be forgiven for thinking otherwise. I’m also really impressed with Plasma Frequency. They’ve only just entered their second year of publication (I get to be in their anniversary issue!), but are already operating at a higher level than many of their longer-standing peers. Too many new magazines start with great intentions only to be swamped under within their first year (and you can’t blame them… it’s a tough, time-consuming, expensive undertaking), but PF have truly established themselves.

They publish great stories in a wide variety of formats, so there’s something for readers of all preferences. Downloadable copies are free. And they treat their writers extremely well. This submission/publication process is one of the best I’ve experienced… and I’m not just saying that because they accepted my story. They’ve got the one crucial element down perfectly: communication. It’s amazing to me how many publishers completely overlook the importance of simply letting writers know what’s happening. You send your story out and too often it gets sucked into a black hole for months. Sometimes it gets spat out again. Sometimes it doesn’t. But PF are great, using an online tracking system that keeps you informed at every stage. They also stick to their expected response times and keep in touch after acceptance. This is the fastest acceptance/publication turnaround I’ve yet experienced, with just over a month between acceptance and print. That’s four times shorter than my previous quickest turnaround.

One of the reasons I’m singing their praises is because they’re looking for funding in order to expand and pay their contributors more. They really deserve to do well and I’d love to see them reach their goal, so if you like what you see and feel like helping out, you can find out more and contribute here:

And, hey… enjoy the stories!


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