The House on the Creek

I’ve just finished reading this book by the highly talented Sarah Remy. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I’m not really one for traditional romance novels. I can count the number I’ve read on one hand, which is actually kind of odd as I’m a total sucker for a good love story. I guess I just prefer my fiction a little more speculative than the romance genre usually supplies. That said, I’ll run a mile from the ‘paranormal romance’ label… clearly I’m full of contradictions today. I’m also getting totally off topic. (Perhaps I’ll devote a post to this properly at some point.)

Back to the book in question. Abby and Everett are childhood sweethearts who find themselves back in each other’s lives again. Past hurts and present complications stand between them while they try to figure out if they still share something worth having.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I didn’t expect the book to drag me in like it did. The descriptions of Virginia, the house, the creek, and – well, pretty much everything – completely pulled me in and wrapped me in the setting. I felt like I was there. The characters are all compelling and believable, and although the plot itself is uncomplicated, I couldn’t wait to get back to it each time I put the book down.

There’s something special about authors who can create that sense of place to the point where you just want to stay there and keep experiencing it. And although to begin with I wasn’t sure what the two main characters saw in each other, by the end I was totally rooting for them. Sarah Remy set out to make me believe something, and by the end, she had. It’s pretty steamy in places, but even the steaminess is just right. There’s nothing like a clumsy, over-the-top sex scene to shatter the illusion and pull you right out of the story, but there was no hint of that. These were perfectly balanced and very well written.

This is a great summer read – not too taxing and perfect for reading outdoors on a hot day with a glass of something cool and fruity on hand.

Pick it up here: The House on the Creek


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