Words from My Hero

“Don’t only practise your art, but force your way into its secrets,

for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Every so often I come across this quote, and each time it stops me in my tracks and demands me to ponder it. To me, it’s a near-perfect summation of what it means to be devoted to a craft. You don’t just practise it; you peel away the surface and prise open all the layers beneath until you begin to make sense of how it works. With a glimpse of such understanding, art can take us out of ourselves and reveal things far deeper than what’s apparent at only that surface layer.

And personally, I’d say the guy knew what he was talking about:


2 thoughts on “Words from My Hero

  1. Aha. That’s food for thought indeed. And debate. Does art have secrets one need to discover to practise it at the fullest? Isn’t art an intrasec part of your own soul, a part of divine in each and every one of us? and if art indeed have secrets, isn’t it risking to ‘kill the magic’ by trying to pierce them?
    I’m not gonna try to answer these tonight. It’s not late but I’m awfully tired so…. I’ll sleep on it. Night night!

    1. Yes… it’s definitely something worth debating. I know what you mean – you don’t want to unravel artistic endeavours to the point that they no longer have meaning, but I think the more you understand what you’re trying to achieve and how best to achieve it, the better you become at expressing yourself through your art. When you know how something works, you become that much better at using it.

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