News from the Grindstone

My latest story is out! ‘Dark Keys, Light Keys’ has just been published online by Sorcerous Signals and its sister print publication, Mystic Signals. I originally wrote this story years ago and its various drafts along the way have included several serious rewrites. I was losing hope of it finding a home when Sorcerous Signals accepted it in January, so it’s great to see it finally out there.

It’s free to read online, so grab a steaming mug of liquorice tea and give it a gander. There’s a friendly little link to make a donation if you enjoy it, and the magazine divides up 75% of the proceeds as a royalty for us contributors. This is pretty unusual… not many magazines pay royalties. If you like what you see (there are ten more pieces in the current issue), consider chucking a few pennies in the pot.

In the meantime, I’ve got four other stories doing the rounds and I’m working on drafts of two more as well as Chapter Three of the novel. Plus, I’m under contract with Stupefying Stories for a piece they accepted last month. So it’s all go!


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