Dialogues with Talking Heads



I recently read ‘Dialogues with Talking Heads’, by James Beamon. He’s recently published the novelette on Amazon, and it’s a superb little read. If you’ve ever read any of his short stories, you’ll know he has a great knack for wit and humour, and this story is no exception. He’s managed to successfully combine detective noir and science fiction to create a fine blend of genres that work despite their seeming incongruity.

The story is based around futuristic technology that allows communication with the recently deceased. This idea is developed to the point where it’s completely believable, and creates some interesting emotional depth along the way. When a sudden death appears to be a locked-room murder, it’s the ability to speak to the dead that ultimately cracks the case, with some twists and turns along the way.

This one kinda has everything: murder mystery, romance, humour, poignance, and some darned good sci-fi. If you’re after a short, satisfying read, look no further.

Get hold of it here!


4 thoughts on “Dialogues with Talking Heads

  1. Eleanor,

    I’m extremely stoked that you checked out Dialogues, and dug it enough to plug it! That’s the biggest, surest sign I succeeded as a writer… at least this once. 🙂

    Thank you.

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