The Year is Dead; Long Live the Year!

2012 was a very productive writing year for me. I didn’t realise how productive until I looked back at all the pieces I’d worked on. I revamped two old stories, giving one of them three separate, major rewrites (and I’m talking REwrites – tense changes, complete POV shift – the works). I also wrote four completely new pieces and gave them all some pretty major revisions. I sent nearly all those stories off to be scrutinised by various editors, several of whom were kind enough to send personal rejections. I started this blog. I began writing a new novel. I polished the heck out of my previous novel manuscript, wrote, rewrote, and wrote again its synopsis and query letter and began actually submitting it, as opposed to querying. And I had a story published.

I’m hoping 2013 will be as productive. The year kick-started with an acceptance on a story I was on the verge of shelving – one of the aforementioned rewrites. That was an exciting New Year surprise, and as always, injected me with a new burst of hope for all my other stories doing the rounds. It’ll be published in May!

I’m currently revising a somewhat complex sci-fi story that needs a fair amount of attention before it’s ready to leave the nest. And my major project for 2013 will be the new novel, which is still at its daunting early stages. So… yeah. All pretty promising, in light of which, I shall propose a liquorice tea toast to all my writing buddies: may this year bring masses of inspiration, copious words, and publishing success to us all!


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